Federico Passi / Digital Marketing and Web Projects

Federico has 25 years experience as digital marketing consultant, information architect and webmaster. In 1995 he created “The Cinema Connection” one of the largest online directory of film-related  links and resources. In 1995 he worked in Sydney for Socialchange Online (1995-1999) first as webmaster than as project manager for institutional and community based web services. In 1999 he moved back to Rome where he created an online film service for Filmakers Magazine and Wind telecommunication company. Later he funded his own company iCine.it, which provided online film services and contents to Wind.  In 2008 he moved to Melbourne working on several web services and planned the online version of The Melbourne Film Festival catalogues. He is based in Rome since 2015. 

Information Architecture is Federico’s main focus when creating and designing web and online services. Form stems from the structured plan of the required content.



Caffarella.it (no profit community organisation) 


noasteimatsky.com (Academic)

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Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 15.04.55


docomomoaustralia.com.au (Modern Heritage)

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Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 14.52.13


stsenzatitolo.com (Bookshop and Photo Gallery)

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Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 00.56.15


richarddunn.net (Artist )


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Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 9.24.59 AM


libreriamazzini.it (Bookshop)



artduo.co.uk (Art Dealer)


unaltrastoria.eu (Talks / Festival) 


sminz.com (Artist)

casainternazionaldelledonne.org (Women Organisation)


Elmirabrasflamenco.it (Dance Classes)


 citizenheritage.com (Heritage)

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premiorobertomorrione.it (Prize for TV Investigative Journalism)

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terraterraonline.it (Journalist)

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Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.13.52 pm


Architecture Film Association

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